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Valindra Shadowmantle
Race: Moon Elf

Valindra - cinematic trailer

Valindra - cinematic trailer (close up)

Valindra (Lich) & dracolich - cinematic trailer

Valindra Shadowmantle is an evil elven wizard who turned into a Lich. She is the mastermind behind the attack on Neverwinter and the surrounding lands.

Lore entry from the Neverwinter Noble's Chest
Valindra was once a beautiful moon elf wizard. After her death, the loss of her beauty drove her partially insane. Returning as a lich animated by evil magic, she is the greatest threat facing Neverwinter with powers to command Red Wizard necromancers, raise an army of the dead and control a Dracolich, an undead dragon of great destructive capabilities. How Valindra obtained the Dracolich is unknown, however it is speculated that she made a deal with the cult of the dragon, as stated by Makos.