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Voice chat is a built-in feature in Neverwinter, allowing players in a group to use a microphone or headset to talk to each other. The default "push to talk" key is V.

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ranncore Advanced Member

Joined: 12/11/12 Posts: 83 4/29/13 9:57:04 PM#2

it works really nice, it's got individual sliders for each speaker's volume, and it has voice chat over guild too. i dont know why guilds insist on using external voip shit, in game chat works great and its less confusing.

cybertrucker Spotlight Poster

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Awesome news. Thanks I have played a few games that the voice client wasn't very good, however I know EQ2 had amazing voice client. I hate using 3rd party clients ever since using that one.

evilastro Elite Member

Joined: 1/16/06 Posts: 2600 4/29/13 11:41:07 PM#4 Originally posted by cybertrucker

As an ex-EQ2 player I can say that the Neverwinter system is far better and has higher quality voice.


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I am adding this to NW wiki under voice chat.

I think it may help people to see what others think for as you just said some guilds have not even tried it.

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