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Vouchers are items that can be donated to the coffer in your guild Stronghold. Vouchers come in 4 tiers: Stolen Treasures, Lesser, Minor, and Major. Higher tier vouchers add more to your coffer. Vouchers can be obtained by defeating monsters in your Stronghold, completing certain quests from The Builder, from Greed of the Dragonflight and Stronghold Siege PvP. Campaign vouchers can be created from tasks in the Sharandar, Dread Ring and Icewind Dale Campaigns. Other crates that grant stronghold resources can be crafted from Alchemy, Artificing, Leadership, Leatherworking, Mailsmithing, Platesmithing, Tailoring and Weaponsmithing taks.

Stolen Treasures[]

Item Value
[Stolen Fey Trinkets] 50
[Stolen Dark Gifts] 25
[Stolen Frozen Treasures] 75
[Stolen Tyranny Treasures] 25


Item Value
[Minor Fey Trinket Voucher] 195
[Minor Dark Gifts Voucher ] 235
[Minor Frozen Treasures Voucher] 195
[Minor Treasures of Tyranny Voucher] 795
[Minor Gems Voucher] 90
[Minor Gold Voucher] 1
[Minor Astral Diamonds Voucher] 1
[Minor Glory Voucher] 325
[Minor Labor Voucher] 65
[Minor Surplus Equipment Voucher] 240
[Minor Food Voucher] 200
[Minor Wood Voucher] 200
[Minor Stone Voucher] 200
[Minor Metal Voucher] 200


Item Value
[Basic Fey Trinket Voucher] 390
[Basic Dark Gifts Voucher ] 470
[Basic Frozen Treasures Voucher] 405
[Basic Treasures of Tyranny Voucher] 1,590
[Basic Gems Voucher] 180
[Basic Gold Voucher] 2
[Basic Astral Diamonds Voucher] 10
[Basic Glory Voucher] 650
[Basic Labor Voucher] 135
[Basic Surplus Equipment Voucher] 485
[Basic Food Voucher] 500
[Basic Wood Voucher] 500
[Basic Stone Voucher] 500
[Basic Metal Voucher] 500


Item Value
[Major Fey Trinket Voucher] 785
[Major Dark Gifts Voucher ] 940
[Major Frozen Treasures Voucher] 810
[Major Treasures of Tyranny Voucher] 3,695
[Major Gems Voucher] 360
[Major Gold Voucher] 4
[Major Astral Diamonds Voucher] 20
[Major Glory Voucher] 1,300
[Major Labor Voucher] 275
[Major Surplus Equipment Voucher] 970
[Major Food Voucher] 1,000
[Major Wood Voucher] 1,000
[Major Stone Voucher] 1,000
[Major Metal Voucher] 1,000
[Major Influence Voucher] 400


Item Value
[Iliyanbruen Artisan Voucher] 1000 Fey Trinkets
[Vanguard Dark Gifts Voucher] 1000 Dark Gifts
[Caer-Konig Frozen Treasures Voucher] 1000 Frozen Treasures

Siege of Neverwinter[]

After completing the quest "A Pledge of Support" during the Siege of Neverwinter, Neverwinter vouchers and basic campaign vouchers can drop from enemies defeated on the Siege Battlefield.

Item Value
[Siege of Neverwinter Surplus Equipment Voucher] 300 Surplus Equipment
[Siege of Neverwinter Gems Voucher] 120 Gems
[Siege of Neverwinter Astral Diamonds Voucher][1] 8 Astral Diamond Chests
[Siege of Neverwinter Influence Voucher] 100 Influence
  1. As of the fifth run of the Siege of Neverwinter event Astral Diamond Vouchers no longer drop