Water Battle

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Water Battle
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Starts in: Summer Festival
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Rewards: Bronze
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Water Battle is a Contest that takes place during the Summer Festival zone, and was introduced during the second instance of the event running August 21th, 2014 through September 11th, 2014. It lasts 15 minutes, at which point there is a 4 minute pause before the Summer Feast Contest. Like all Contests it is a zone-wide event in which participants accumulate points (though they can only be gained in the Grillin' Grounds region of the map) and there is no specific quest or action to take to "sign up", just the act of earning a point in the current contest cycle. When the contest completes participants will be ranked Bronze, Copper, Silver, or Gold based on total score ranking and rewards will be issued. If two or more people have the same amount of points, the later to reach that total is considered higher rank. In any case, all who score at least 1 point will get a reward.

Water Battle
Compete With Fellow Heroes in a Grand Water Battle

Join your fellow heroes in a grand water battle. Splash others for points using a variety of magical water devices, but avoid being splashed yourself.

Objectives[edit | edit source]


Scoring[edit | edit source]

Scoring involves the use of various water event items available during the festival. These include permanent items that can be purchased like the [Bottomless Waterskin], [Everlasting Water Bucket], and [Decanter of Endless Water]. Also in the area temporary (5 shot) versions are these are available including the [Waterskin], [Decanter of Limited Water], and the [Water Bucket].

  • +2 Hit another player with he effect of a water event item.
  • -1 Be hit my a water event item.


  • Each item has a different style of attack: A waterskin must be targeted directly by centering on a player at the correct range. Buckets are blasts targeted at the ground, and decanters form a log blast stream in the direction faced.
  • It is sometimes possible to dodge or block a water attack.
  • Unlike other contests during the event it is possible to lose points.

Completion[edit | edit source]