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Wicked Enchantment, Rank 11
Module: 20
Category: Enchantment
Tag: Enchantment
Binding: {{ {{{binding}}} }}
Quality: Epic
Sell value: Silver70
Refinement point: Refinement Points25,000
Buy cost:
Icon Inventory Enchantment Wicked T11 01.png

The Wicked Enchantment, Rank 11 can be used as an offense, defense or utility enchantment.

Mid-rank 7-8 Wicked Enchantments are a reward from Spellplague Caverns (Master) chests.

There are currently no Wicked Enchantments below rank 7.


Wicked Enchantment, Rank 11
Item Level: 120

When applied to an item:

Offense Slot: +108 Combined Rating
Offense Slot: +90 Critical Severity
Offense Slot: +90 Accuracy
Defense Slot: +108 Combined Rating
Defense Slot: +360 Maximum Hit Points
Defense Slot: +90 Deflection
Utility Slot: +108 Combined Rating
Utility Slot: +90 Incoming Healing
Utility Slot: +3% Gold Bonus

This enchantment glows intensely and emits a stinging sensation, as if giving physical form to foul aspirations.

Rank: 11 (0/50,000 to next rank)
Guaranteed upgrade: 0/30

No Level Requirement
Refinement Points25,000