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Yawning Portal
Location Type: Adventure Zone
Within: Waterdeep
Neighbors: Catacombs
Levels: 70-80

Yawning Portal loading screen

The Yawning Portal[]

The Yawning Portal is an adventure zone added in the Undermountain update. It is the main quest hub of the Undermountain Campaign. Access to the zone is granted as part of the quest chain started by An Important Invitation.


The Yawning Portal is a famous inn and tavern located in the Castle Ward of Waterdeep. Adventurers can meet all sorts of colorful characters here. It derives its name from a 40-foot-diameter well that descends into the first level of Undermountain. Located in the center of the taproom, the well was once the outer shell of Halaster's mighty tower, which was demolished long ago. Its sheer walls are made of old mortared stones.

Next to this gaping orifice hangs a winch with a rope-and-pulley mechanism that Durnan, the proprietor, uses to lower adventurers down the shaft and (sometimes) pull them up again. The walls of the well are crumbly but have abundant handholds and footholds, so they can be scaled without climbing gear.

Scrying Orb[]

There is 1 scrying orb in this zone.

  • Durnan's Office, bookshelf to the left as you enter.