守护战士 | Guardian Fighter编辑

The Guardian Fighter is courageous and stalwart, superior at defensive maneuvers, and no stranger to hand-to-hand combat. Heavy plate armor and a shield make the Guardian Fighter a durable mainstay on the battlefield, while a trusty longsword and focused aggression cut through foes that stand in the way.

Special Move (Shift)编辑


Starting Powers编辑

Enforced Threat

Fighter's Recovery



虔诚牧师 | Devoted Cleric编辑

The Devoted Cleric is a devout healer, committed to preventing injury, restoring health, and faith in the divine. Capable of enforcing discipline on the battlefields with a combination of territory control and righteous holy damage, precise zone placement and strategic calculation are necessary traits for the Devoted Cleric. Special Move (Shift) Astral Change

Starting Powers编辑

Healing Word

Flame Strike



诡术盗贼 | Trickster Rogue编辑

The master of stealth and misdirection, the Trickster Rogue maneuvers across the battlefield and strikes from the shadows with paired daggers. The Trickster Rogue dodges in and out of melee, inflicting massive damage on foes with a flurry of deadly blows. Special Move (Shift) Stealth

Starting Powers编辑

Bait and Switch




控场法师 | Control Wizard编辑

Control Wizards harness powerful arcane energies to restrict, crush, and debilitate their foes. Wielding a magical orb, they are capable of unleashing torrents of damage and use ice and force to manipulate the movements of unwitting creatures.

Starting Powers编辑

Magic Missile

Chill Strike

Arcane Singluarity



巨武斗士 | Great Weapon Fighter编辑

The Great Weapon Fighter is an unstoppable force of damage and steel, skilled in using the weight of a greatsword to dispatch those that stand in the way. The epitome of strength, the Great Weapon Fighter is also resilient enough to defend allies in need.

Special Move编辑


Starting Powers编辑

Punishing Charge

Avalanche of Steel