Guardian of Neverwinter is a promotional pack for Neverwinter.

Item Description
DIREWOLF COMPANION Vicious Dire Wolf Companion
GOLD MOONSTONE REGALIA MASK! And all your friends will know you're a Founder just by looking at you. Purchase the Guardian pack and stand out in the crowd.
ADVENTURER'S HELPER PACK Contains six different types of helpful items to start your adventure (one per account)
RING OF VIOLET CONTINUAL LIGHT A ring that glows violet and leaves a trail as you move.
LLIIRA’S EVERLASTING BOTTLE OF LEVITY Provides unlimited Dazzling Party Poppers (with cooldown).
FOUNDER'S TITLE Account unlock for forums and game.
1 RESPEC TOKEN Allows respec of Powers Only!
GREYCLOAK'S LEGACY Start your quest with a mastercrafted weapon or implement (Rare). Comes equipped with a unique enchantment that can be unslotted and used in other items. (one per character)
ROBE OF USELESS ITEMS Drops a piece of useless junk on the ground when activated (1 hour cooldown). (one per character)
600,000 ASTRAL DIAMONDS A type of currency used in-game to purchase gear and to bid in the auction house.
1 EXTRA CHARACTER SLOT Gives 3 total Character Slots.

All items are Per Character created on the Account. Exceptions are 600,000 Astral Diamonds and Adventurer's Helper Pack.