Hero of the North is a promotional pack for Neverwinter.

Item Description
MENZOBERRANZAN RENEGADE a unique playable race armed with the "Faerie Fire" racial ability and tattoo cosmetic option. Explore the realm of Faerûn as a Drow exiled from the Dark Elf stronghold of Menzoberranzan, City of Intrigue.
ARMORED SPIDER MOUNT Terrorize your foes as you charge into battle atop this eight-legged beast.
PANTHER COMPANION Heroes of the North need never enter battle alone. Like the famous companion of Drizzt, this fierce and loyal creature will fight by your side, helping you lay waste to all who dare stand in your path.
GOLD MOONSTONE MASK REGALIA SET! This unique costume is available only to Hero of the North purchasers!
DUST OF CREATION Temporarily create an object that floats nearby.
GOND'S ENDLESS COFFER OF PYROTECHNICS Provides unlimited Dazzling Fireworks (with cooldown).
VIP GAME ACCESS When loads are high, jump to the head of the queue and get priority log-in access. (account unlock)
FOUNDER'S ARMOR AURA Unique enchantment with visual FX that can be slotted into your armor.
FOUNDER'S TITLE Account unlock for forums and game
BAG OF HOLDING Start with 12 more inventory slots for your loot!
DUNGEON MASTER UNLOCK Start creating your own quests in The Foundry immediately.
DELZOUN TREASURE BOX This level 60 chest is guaranteed to contain a rare weapon or implement with a unique enchantment and special visual effect. (one per character)
MOONSTONE REGULAR Access the VIP section of the Moonstone Mask Tavern (account unlock)
ADVENTURER'S HELPER PACK Contains six different types of helpful items to start your adventure (one per account)
1 RESPEC TOKEN Allows respec of Powers Only!
NEVERWINTER DIGITAL NOVELLA Receive the Cold Steel and Secrets, a Neverwinter novella by Rosemary Jones in digital format. Parts 1 through IV.
GREYCLOAK'S LEGACY Start your quest with a mastercrafted weapon or implement (Rare). Comes equipped with a unique enchantment that can be unslotted and used in other items. (one per character)
ROBE OF USELESS ITEMS Drops a piece of useless junk on the ground when activated (1 hour cooldown). (one per character)
2,000,000 ASTRAL DIAMONDS A type of currency used in-game to purchase gear and to bid in the auction house.
3 EXTRA CHARACTER SLOTS Gives 5 total Character Slots.
PWE GAMES GIFT PACKAGE Receive a package of items for our other games! More Info

All items are Per Character created on the Account. Exceptions are 2,000,000 Astral Diamonds, Adventurer's Helper Pack and PWE Games Gift Package.